– Bernice Fitz Gibbon

We live in a world rich with Entertainment, Design and Marketing. It surrounds us and drives us to act whether that means to purchase a product, invest our money, or change the culture of our lives… Marketing is the switch in the tracks.

This culture is affected by more than arranging images, type, and media to catch the eye. When done well it changes the way we perceive the world around us. It changes the way we think, how we feel, who we spend time with and what we buy. It’s what makes the switch flip in our minds and hearts as we make our way through the challenges that we work through.

My passion is to provide that experience for my clients on a regular basis. My range of work is broad, from operations, automations and tech stacks and web based creations to video, photography, social media, marketing, packaging, store design, product development, branding, color theory, event planning and more. I’ve been working with and managing creative teams for over 10 years and I strive to keep projects on time and on budget, with the ultimate goal of driving culture and meaning into everything my team creates. I try to think “outside the box,” and do everything to make the project as effective and successful as possible. This usually involves careful planning and research to solve problems in a simple way that visually seems effortless, while making data-driven decisions based on analytics and metrics that tell the real story.

Whether it’s an intimate freelance project, or working with big name brands like ESPN, Fox Sports, Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars, I can help you with any project, however big or small. Give me a call or send me a message to see how we can change the world together.